Relax with a cup of Jamaican coffee on the patio ...

Relax with a cup of Jamaican coffee on the patio ...


Soothing Spaces

As dawn breaks awake in your queen-sized bed to the rising voices of hundreds of species of birds and the natural bouquet of sun-blooming red, yellow, pink and white Hibiscus, Sandalwood Brambles, damp green ferns, and stunning blue blooms of the Blue Mahoe - the National Tree of Jamaica.

Throw open the curtains and doors of one of our private vacation rentals and step out onto your own private balcony or walk-around porch with mountain, grounds, and tropical Caribbean Sea views. Relax into a lounge chair, put your feet up, and enjoy a mild and savory cup of authentic roasted Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

You can also rest indoors by closing off the curtains – escaping into a cool, extravagant, private oasis.

In the first and second floor suites you’ll find large accommodations replete with private fully equipped kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms with TV units and overhead fans. In the single bedrooms you’ll find attached baths, queen size or paired double beds, with Sea-view balcony areas.

A Preserved Paradise

Avoid the cookie-cutter hotels and resorts for your Jamaican get-away by reserving your villa vacation home-away-from-home near Port Antonio on Jamaica's wild northeast coast. Check out of the daily grind and check into our luxury suites at Villa Juanita - the side of the island preserved in time and rich with rural and rustic Jamaican life operating by its own magical and mysterious rhythms.

Port Antonio Marlin Tournament

Port Antonio Marlin Tournament


Taste the Traditional

As part of accommodations in one of our large multi-bedroom suites, hand over your fresh organic ingredients to be transformed by our on-site chef into authentic Jamaican culinary masterpieces of your choosing. Specialties include; jerk chicken or pork; chicken or mutton curries with stew peas and rice; fried bammy (an authentic pre-colonial gluten-free flatbread soaked in milk before frying); roasted lobster; ‘steamed’ conch (which in Jamaican more closely resembles a Mediterranean stew) usually served with a side of white rice and coleslaw. We can also whip up for our guests roasted breadfruit – a starchy-sweet potato stand-in; or the crowning glory of Jamaica, and national dish, Ackee apples and salt codfish with fried dumplings.

Rum shops on the island are a great place to sample local food and drinks. You’re sure to relax into the laid-back island culture - whether while sampling Boston Beach’s famous Jerk Chicken, or some snapper and lobster cooked in oil-drum grills and sold on the side of the road out of greasy paper bags – making your Portland, Jamaica vacation down-to-earth, friendly, eclectic, and authentic.



$150-180 PER NIGHT

  • Comes with its own bathroom, two double beds or one queen bed and balcony area.
  • Sleeps a maximum of two adults and 2 children



  • Comprised of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
  • Living and dining room
  • Private kitchen
  • Washer
  • Private outdoor patio area
  • Small entertainment room



  • Comprised of large master suite with attached kids room and bathroom
  • 3 other bedrooms, each with two double beds or one queen bed
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Laundry room with washer and dryer
  • Large living room
  • Dining room
  • Sitting area
  • Large fully equipped kitchen
  • Large wrap around outdoor patio area