Hospitality Jamaica Endorses Villa Juanita

Villa Juanita offers real Jamaican experience

Gareth Davis Sr, Hospitality Jamaica Writer

A view of Villa Juanita.

A view of Villa Juanita.

Perched on a hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the picturesque 19-bedroom Villa Juanita has as one of its assets the highly vegetated Blue and John Crow mountains ridge as a backdrop.

This villa is fast becoming renowned for offering visitors a true Jamaican experience.

Located 28 miles east of the resort town of Port Antonio, in Hectors River, Villa Juanita is famous for its service offerings, including the traditional Jamaican breakfast. The villa offers Maroon culture and folklore on display, spa treatment and nature tours.

Chef ‘Oliver’ prepares conch fritters, a special at Villa Juanita.

Chef ‘Oliver’ prepares conch fritters, a special at Villa Juanita.

The distinction between Villa Juanita and other tourist attractions in Portland is its highly touted experience, complemented by the parish's rich history, heritage, food, and culture.

"We serve complimentary breakfast to all our guests, who are seeking solace, relaxation, and delicious food," said Raymond Lewis, owner of Villa Juanita.

"Our traditional breakfast comprises ackee and salt fish, run-down, corn pork and ackee, fried plantain, eggs, bacon, ham, roast breadfruit, porridge, salt mackerel, red herring, and other side dishes. This is definitely a villa with a difference. We also offer tours to the various attractions sites, including Reach Falls, Boston Beach, Rio Grande rafting, Moore Town (a Maroon village), and Bath Fountain for its mineral bath experience," he added.

According to Lewis, a special treat for guests is the skilfully prepared authentic meals, some of which are renowned traditionally, including jerk pork, wild hog, wild deer (venison), shark steak, bussu, lobster, crayfish, shrimp, conch, fish and octopus, which are prepared by the in-house chef, upon request.

Dubbed the Portland experience, Lewis pointed out that preliminary talks with the Jamaica Tourist Board have been great thus far, and expectations are that Villa Juanita will be certified as a tourist destination soon, allowing them pride of place in advertising on the tourism body's website.

He added: "It is now an open secret. Come to Villa Juanita for the real Jamaican/Portland experience."

With breakfast included in the rate, the rooms are affordable, Lewis said.

Villa Juanita also provides live entertainment in kumina, reggae music and folk songs.

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